Protoscript is a simplified scripting language for creating Ajax style prototypes for the Web. With Protoscript it's easy to bring interface elements to life. Simply connect them to behaviors and events to create complex interactions.

Here's an example that fades & closes the image when the user clicks on it. (It's live, so go ahead and try it!)

$proto('img#avatar', {
  Click: {
    onClick: {
      Fade: {
        opacity: {to: 0},
        onComplete: {Close : {} }

The protoscript above says: for an image with id avatar, fade it out when the user clicks on it and close it when the fade completes.

By combining different behaviors with different elements and events you can create complex interactions without writing JavaScript.

Want to see it in action? Here are the current set of behaviors. Click any of them to see live examples.

There is no need to install Protoscript to start experimenting! Just install this handy Protoscripter Bookmarklet.

For Firefox, drag this link ProtoScripter to your bookmarks toolbar. On IE right-click it and choose Add Favorite...